Interlocking gym Flooring

Interlocking gym Flooring

Model No.︰102

Brand Name︰SUCC

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Brief Introduction


Material: polypropylene (PP)

Size: Bird Nest : 301*301*13mm

Mini Square:   250*250*13mm

Color: Blue,Black,Red,Green,White,Orange,Yellow Grey etc

Longevity:10 years.

Environment-protection: non-tonxic,tasteless,and anti-mildew.


Suitable place to use:

1. Sports VenuesBasketball courts, tennis courts, Five-man soccer, volleyball, football, handball court, badminton court, table-tennis courts, skating rink, hockey, croquet, etc.;
2. Parks and Recreation facilities: Park Plank Road, a pavilion floor, villa compound;
3. Shipping: for ship deck;
4. Garden, Terrace, Villa courtyard;
5. Other places: supermarkets, basement, garage floor, doormat.

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